OSA-Ag Tech (Kazoo)

WHAT IS OSA-Ag Tech (Kazoo) ?

Silicone is the second most common element in the soil (27%) after oxygen (46%),
but it is naturally available in low rates for the plants.

Role of silicon in plants

• Silicon (Si) plays an important role in crops growth and development.

• Its adequate availability helps in disease suppression, reduced insects’ damages, provide a stronger stem and greater tolerance to stress

•Supplemental silicon ensures the best agricultural production even in unfavourable weather condition, and the adverse impact of Abiotic and Biotic stresses

• Improve uptake, absorption, and utilization of nutrients.

• Results crop with higher yield and in a more natural way with reduced need of insecticide and fungicide as well as optimized use of fertilizers.

Silicon Is Now Officially Designated As A Plant Beneficial Substance by AAPFCO

(Association of American plant food control officials)

Silicic Acid Agro Technology (SAAT):

Monomeric Orto – Silicic acid is the only form in which Silicon is absorbed by plant.
SA is formed from silicates, but SA is very unstable causing a” relative Silicic Acid deficiency”.
"Silicic Acid Agro Technology" and it is the application of plant available silicic acid.

OSA-Ag Tech (Kazoo):

-OSA-Ag Tech (Kazoo) is a product that delivers 99.99% Bio-available silicone (O-Silicic Acid) directly to the plants.
-Cleared for toxicity in rats and mice, RoHS compliant.
- Eco & user-friendly

OSA-Ag Tech (Kazoo) benefits for the crop:

The application of OSA-Ag Tech (Kazoo) induces the following benefits in the plant:

• Increase in root mass

• Increase in uptake of nutrients (P, Ca, K, Si and B) and transport through the plant

• Increase water storage and uptake

• Increase thickness and strength of the stem

• Larger and more erect leaves, and higher chlorophyll content, more effectual photosynthesis and adenosine triphosphate (ATP)

• Reduce the dependency and use of chemical fertilizer and pesticides

• Increased tolerance to high Salinity – silicon has been shown to reduce problems arising from nutrients toxicity and/or imbalance

• Helps to regulate the metabolism of carbon dioxide and enables the plant to make much more efficient use of available level of micro-nutrients and CO2

• Improve the plant immunity system and increase plans resistance to Biotic and Abiotic stress factors


Significantly more yield, together with higher quality in the staple foods (rice, sugarcane, potato, etc.), vegetables (pepper, Tomato, carrot, etc.), Cereals (wheat, Barley, etc.) and order agro crops

Fields tested:

– Blueberry, Canola, Apple, Grape, Pomegranate, Banana, Pistachio, Potato, Tobacco, Corn, Sugarcane, Sugar beet, Tea, Rice, Wheat, Onion, Bean, Tomato, Chili, Cauliflower, Carrot, Broccoli, Lettuce, Garlic, Bell peppers, Asparagus, Cucumber

Financial benefits to producers:

. Alleviates Chemical utilization (reduction in production costs)

. Increase in crop quality (Increase revenue)

Does OSA-Ag Tech (Kazoo) answer these questions?

-Increased profit?

-Increased crop yield?

-Improved quality of the crops?

-Increased market value of the crops?

-Reduction of chemical utilization?

Answer: Yes

OSA-Ag Tech (Kazoo) application instructions:

• 0.6 to 1 litre of OSA-Ag Tech (Kazoo) liquid per acer per season in total (depending on the Crop)

• Two general applications, each 0.3 to 0.5 lit/acre (one at 3-5 leaf stage & one before blooming)

• 3 to 6 kg of OSA-Ag Tech (Kazoo) powder per acre per season in total (depending on the Crop)

• Two general applications, each 1.5 to 3 Kg/acre (one at 3-5 leaf stage & one before blooming)

• OSA-Ag Tech (Kazoo) can be mixed with most of the pesticides and fertilizers (subject to the compatibility chart and recommend a jar test before mixing)

OSA-Ag Tech (Kazoo) Label and SDS