Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions about OSA-Ag Tech (Kazoo):
Is OSA-Ag Tech (Kazoo) a fertilizer?

OSA-Ag Tech (Kazoo) is a fertilizer and was registred under fertilizer act. OSA-Ag Tech (Kazoo) is recognized as a silicon-based supplement that assist in the plant enhancement and management to optimize the usage of water and input like micronutrients.

If silicon makes 45% of earth’s crust why it is so important, how come we have managed without it for so long?

Silicone was not considered an essential element in farming, like calcium for instants. Because, silicon can be found in all soils and plants will grow quiet will without it. However, silicone is now being recognized as having a great deal of benefit to organic and sustainable farming. Silicone is now categorized as a beneficial elements. Which means it bring significant assistance to any type of plant in any stage of growth. Until as recently as the late 19th the benefits of silicone was not really recognized but new research has underlined the value of silicon to plants and has changed our ideas about how much plants actually need plant available silicon.

What are the benefits of using OSA-Ag Tech?

Most importantly, OSA-Ag Tech is incorporated directly into the cell walls, interacting with cellulose, to greatly add strength to the architecture of the plant. This process begins as soon as OSA-Ag Tech is used and continues throughout the life of the plant. Stems become thicker and leaves become more erect and take on a darker green colour, improving the light collecting potential and thus boosting photosynthesis. Every process in the plant is enhanced by OSA-Ag Tech– which means a stronger, more vigorous growth, and improve the yield, Brix, and biomass.

How can OSA-Ag Tech enhance water and fertilizer usage by plans?

Drought is one of the major causes of Abiotic stress and induces a range of negative impacts on plants like reduce yield, lower chlorophyll in the leaves and reduced CO2 assimilation. OSA-Ag Tech increases plant drought resistance by reducing unnecessary moisture lose while optimizing water and nutrient uptake. OSA-Ag Tech treated plants Xylem cells are reinforced by silicone and plans root system is increased by 50%. The stronger cell walls and increased root system optimizes the use of both water and fertilizer used in farming.

Can OSA-Ag Tech be mixed with other chemical or organic inputs?

OSA-Ag Tech can be mixed with most of the other chemicals and organic inputs. However, because OSA-Ag Tech is an alkaline solution, we recommend that the any mixture should be used immediately and not left to sit for any extended period. It can be added to diluted nutrients solutions without reacting, but it will, of course, raise the PH there is an advantage to the Grower in keeping it separate because it allows better control of the amount added - which can be varied, according to crop and season